SL-Body Dynamics

SL-Body Dynamics

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle and have been lucky enough to take part in many different sporting activities over the years, some of which I became quite passionate about. Sadly I have also had my share of pain and frustration through injury, and I guess this is where my interest in remedial therapy stems from. For me, massage is an easily accessible, natural and almost instinctive response to muscular aches and pains. However, intensive training in theory and practice, has added knowledge and technique to my instinctive response!

So, with this and a genuine desire to help others achieve their goals, I offer the following services through SL-Body-Dynamics – est. September 2018:

– Deep tissue sports massage for maintenance, muscular dysfunction and pain

– Postural assessment for advice and targeting of problem areas

– Supportive taping – zinc oxide

– K-taping for support and rehabilitation

For further details, please use my mobile, or visit my website, where you can click on “Get Quote” to get in touch via email. 

Mob: 07711912426