Workout with Confidence

We’re the only club outside of Leicester City Centre to offer both mixed and ladies only facilities. Fosse Fitness ladies only environment helping you feel confident in all that you’re doing on the road to feeling great.

Ladies Gym at Fosse Fitness

Ladies Gym Equipment

Careful consideration has been taken when sourcing the equipment for our Ladies Only addition to our facilities. We know which areas are the hardest to maintain for women, and so we have the right equipment to work these areas in the best and most effective way possible offering you the tools to get maximum results in double quick time. The equipment in the Ladies Only area is as follows:


A full range of cardio equipment including:
“New” Weight sled (intense full body workout)
Precore Elevating cross Trainers
Life Fitness Upright Bikes, Cross Trainers and Recline Bikes
Water Rowers
Spin Bikes

Soft Matted Area:

For warming-up, stretching and floor and core work, using equipment such as Bosu Balls.

Free Weights:

Top of the range neoprene covered dumbbells (for user comfort & grip)
Adjustable Barbells
Kettle Bells
Free Weight Benches

Squat rack with Olympic barbell and weights

Resistance Selectorise Machines:

Multi-Jungle, six station, Cable Machine – Offering exercises for all muscle groups. (to work: Biceps, Triceps, Back, Abs, Chest, Shoulders, Obliques-side of torso)
Inner Thigh Machine
Outer Thigh Machine
Leg Press (to work all the leg muscles)
Seated Leg Curl (to work back of the legs)
Tricep Machine (to work back of the arms)
Low Pulley Row (to work the back muscles)
Shoulder Press Machine (for working the entire shoulder muscle group)
Rotary Torso Machine (for working abdominal and oblique muscles- a complete core workout)
Seated arm extension (working the whole of the arm)
Side leg raise (for working hamstrings and flutes)
Ab crunch machine (working the core)
Lateral raise (working the shoulders)
Bicep curl (working the biceps)

Ladies Only Area

Our bright and airy studio is home to a Ladies Only Gym

In the past, we’ve had a huge amount of feedback from women who’ve expressed how they feel self conscious training in a mixed gym… we decided the demand for a Ladies only gym area was greater than the demand for fitness classes. Confidence was the main issue and a self contained area for Ladies was the answer.

What Equipment Is Available In The Ladies Only Area?
The Studio now houses state of the art equipment specifically chosen for women. Each piece of kit is designed to work all those problem areas to the full to achieve maximum results in the best possible way, helping you on the road to success.

Along with machines is a full range of cardio equipment, plus there’s a soft area for stretching and floor work with the help of floor equipment such as Bosu Balls to work the core.

Ladies gym