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Closed from 30th December 2020 until further notice

Due to the new restrictions imposed by the UK Government, we will be closing our doors on 30th December 2020 and they will remain closed until further notice.

We are hoping that you can continue to support us this month so as to help ensure your gym can reopen again at the earliest opportunity. We do not ask for this lightly and appreciate this is a difficult time for all.

If you cannot help support in such a way but still want to help, we ask that you drop your payments to 50%, or if this is still not possible, freeze your membership payments rather than cancel. If you do need to make changes to your membership then you need to contact us, preferably by email (hello@fossefitness.co.uk) or social media private message via Facebook or Instagram, rather than telephone which will not be constantly manned. Should you decide to cancel your membership then you may be subjected to a price increase when rejoining, so we strongly recommend you freeze instead. Please see the terms and conditions of your agreement as set out by Ashbourne Credit Services before making any changes to your membership or cancelling any payment process; we cannot endorse anyone acting out with the terms to which you agreed when becoming a member of Fosse Fitness gym.

If you are an upfront cash or card pay as you go member, we are asking for the same support. If you cannot do so we ask for a 50% carry over or, if this is still not possible, a freeze of your membership. We will however only be able to freeze complete months in your membership term.

We want to take this opportunity to speak to all our members who have already so generously offered to keep their memberships running. The vast majority of you have offered your full support in this difficult time, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For your loyalty in supporting Fosse Fitness we will again be offering a 20% discount card for at least a month from when we reopen. We want you to use this reward option to make all attempts to reclaim back your membership so don’t forget to make the absolute most of it when we reopen.

Thank you again, and keep safe, from all the Fosse Fitness Team