Welcome to Fosse Fitness 365


Are you a Personal Trainer?

If you are, then you may be interested in personal training here at Fosse Fitness.

We have a large membership base and a great training facility, open early till late, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we are ready to support you and your clients.

We can accommodate your personal training business with a payment plan to suit your needs. You can pay as you go per session if you wish, providing flexibility from week to week. Or maybe a monthly fee is preferable? From just £500 per calendar month you will have access to our facility for an unlimited number of PT sessions, which could make your per session rate very cheap indeed! Either way, you can choose a plan to suit you best, and should your situation change, you have the flexibility to alter your payment plan when necessary.

If you think this might be of interest then give us a call or email, or DM via Facebook or Instagram for more information.