STEM Limited

Background of the business 

STEM began in May 2021 when the founder, Eve McKellar, began offering private Sports Massage in Hinckley. As the business grew, I decided to expand and open a Sports Therapy Clinic at Fosse Fitness.  

What is Sports Therapy?  

Sports Therapy utilises different modalities of treatment in order to help support and speed up the healing process within sporting injuries. Knowledge on prevention and reduction of injury, advice with nutrition, training and recovery can be given by a professional. Exercise rehabilitation is a key aspect to recovery of musculoskeletal injuries alongside the application of treatment methods such as sports massage, cupping, needling, mobilisations, stretching techniques, manual therapy and sports taping. Qualified Sports Therapists often have the skill set for emergency first aid and pitch side trauma during events or games.  


  • Injury assessment & prognosis
  • Injury treatment (Sports massage, Cupping therapy, Dry needling, Manual Therapy, Taping)
  • Injury Rehabilitation & prehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning